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 2014 AJBS Conference:  June 21 & 22 - Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Thank you to Palgrave-MacMillan for their continued sponsorship of our annual Best Paper Award.  This year the winner of the 2013 AJBS Best Paper was “MNE Dynamics, Distance and the Role of Space and Place in the Organization of MNE's Locations: Evidence from Japanese MNEs” by Majid Eghbali-Zarch (University of Western Ontario).

We would like to thank all who made the conference in Istabul a success. There were many who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and enabled the conference to run smoothly.

A big thank you to Tomoki Sekiguchi for agreeing to be the 2014 Conference Chair. Be thinking about your paper submissions for next summer and put the date on your calendar.

We'd also like to thank Norihiko Takeuchi for his years of service to AJBS and welcome Gary Knight as our new President.  Our leadership gives countless volunteer hours, and I just want to let them know that they are appreciated.